what is TTAP?



The Transaction Tracking App (TTAP) is an electronic MTL/MIL solution for casinos. Using an iOS device, your front of house staff can accurately track guest transactions; no more guessing which guest completed which transaction. Integrate TTAP with our AML/BSA Automation module for a simple and comprehensive Title 31 solution.

Screenshot of TTAP app showing a successfully submitted transaction
How TTAP Works

Accurately track guest transactions with Face ID

For guests that do not have a player card number, using an iOS device, snap a photo of the guest who completes a cage or table games transaction. Using their Face ID, TTAP creates a unique account for each guest to link their transactions. Once a Face ID account is created for a guest, TTAP tracks their transactions any time they return to your casino. TTAP can also be used in a browser with an external camera.

How TTAP Works

Let customizable business rules do the heavy lifting

TTAP notifies your staff in real time when additional information such as name, ID, or SSN is required.  When necessary, expedite data entry by scanning an ID to auto-populate guest information into their profile. We can help customize the business rules to follow your casino’s unique processes and daily transaction limits.

Screenshot of TTAP app prompting user to collect more guest info for going over the daily transaction amount
How TTAP Works

Scan guest names against watchlists and verify their identity

When a name is added to a guest’s profile, TTAP scans it against OFAC, Excluded Persons, and other high risk lists.  If there’s a match, the staff is notified to handle the situation accordingly.  You can also schedule automated watchlist scans for your loyalty members. When a SSN is added to a profile, TTAP verifies that it’s valid and matches the guest’s name.

How TTAP Works

Benefit from relevant experiences for different users

TTAP makes transaction tracking easy for cage and table games staff. To simplify and streamline operations, the experience for each user type is tailored to their responsibilities. For example, table game staff only handle simple cash buy-ins, while cage staff need to handle redemption and money exchange transactions.  To ensure efficiency, the interface is simple and easy for all users.

Screenshot of TTAP app showing user role options for Guest Services, Cashier, Table Games, Sports Writer, Floor Attendant, and Management
What's the difference?

Face ID vs Facial Recognition

TTAP Uses Face ID

Face ID uses an image of a guest's face to create a unique account to associate transactions with that guest, in your casino ONLY. It's the same idea as using Face ID to unlock an iPhone or iPad.

Not Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition uses an image of a person's face to TRY to recognize who that person is in the real world. For example, trying to match them to a most wanted or excluded person list.

pricing for TTAP

Flexible pricing for any size Casino

We understand that some organizations need advanced product configuration, while others operate with smaller budgets. Our plans involve a one-time implementation fee with monthly dues that are based on your institution size and product configuration. Contact one of our friendly sales specialists to get a quote today!

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Take the guess work out of transaction tracking

TTAP is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Talk to one of our friendly product specialists to see first-hand how TTAP can streamline your MTL/MIL processes.

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SimpliRisk is a very user-friendly program, and we love the peace of mind it gives us in being able to catch suspicious activity and satisfy our auditors.

Lanna Christianson

Operations Specialist
Prairie Federal Credit Union


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