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We’re a financial technology (FinTech) firm that operates software as a service (SaaS) platforms for credit unions, banks, casinos and other industries.  Our software platforms process millions of transactions per day and analyzes risk to help protect our clients.


PayLynxs is founded on a vision to use the software as a service model to deliver innovative products to the financial industry

Combining his FinTech experience with the new capabilities of internet-based software, Matthew Conine founds PayLynxs to deliver affordable and innovative B2B software that manages risk and protects investments.



SimpliRemitTM is launched as an international money transfer platform

SimpliRemitTM allows individuals living abroad to support their families who live in their home countries, eventually connecting 24 countries. We prioritized top-notch security practices and compliance controls to prevent fraud and protect sensitive data.

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SimpliRiskTM is launched to simplify AML/BSA compliance and fraud monitoring

Our experience developing SimpliRemitTM taught us patterns of suspicious behavior and informed the features in SimpliRiskTM. SimpliRiskTM has grown into a comprehensive compliance automation platform that handles AML/BSA automation, MTL/MIL tracking, watchlist scanning, and more.

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We’re delivering on our vision to identify risk, eliminate fraud, and stop financial crime

While completely eliminating fraud and stopping crime is a tall order, our software works towards this goal by filling gaps in compliance. Our technological advances completely modernize the way some institutions manage risk and support regulatory requirements. We’re constantly developing and testing new features, while improving upon existing ones.

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Our Values

What sets us apart

Making a good product easy, but we go beyond that to ensure our clients are truly taken care of.


Easy to use products streamline your day-to-day tasks


Industry-leading security practices ensure your data stays safe


We focus on solving the unique problems for each of our clients


Healthy relationships are built on trust, and we’re an open book

excellent service

Dedicated and friendly support staff is always happy to help


New features and functionality are constantly being developed and tested