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Customer Service Representative

PayLynxs is looking for a part-time individual to join our customer support team to assist with day-to-day customer inquiries, questions, and requests. This person must enjoy working with customers to understand issues and find resolutions. This is a perfect job opportunity for someone interested in a low stress, supportive environment, with the opportunities to learn and grow within a FinTech company.

Job Description:

The part time customer service individual will be responsible for the following duties:

  1. Reviewing new customer service cases received electronically in the Company’s CRM system.
  2. Triaging new customer service cases and then performing tasks necessary to resolve the issue, including internal coordination and communication with other staff members.
  3. Communicating with customers to let them know the status of their case, ask for additional information (when applicable), and confirming when the issue is resolved.
  4. Writing emails and logging work in the Company’s CRM system ( to track the lifecycle of a case.
  5. While most customer support is performed electronically, the individual will need to talk with customers on the phone, when verbal support is necessary to explain a solution or gather more information.
  6. Typically, most customer service requests are submitted electronically, but there are a few inbound calls per week to answer and create a case.

Experience & Expectations:

The person for this position needs to have the following experience:

  1. The person must have a willingness to learn and have an outgoing personality to build trusting relationships with customers.
  2. This person needs to be detailed oriented, have some experience in customer service and at least a basic understanding on how technology is used in daily business operations.
  3. Individual can perform the work remotely or in the office but will need to attend a 1-week training in our Portland, OR office.

Hours & Compensation

  • Hours: Monday – Friday from 7 am – 11 am PT (20 hours per week)
  • Wage: $20 per hour
  • Benefits: Fully subsidized monthly mass transit pass

PayLynxs offers a flexible work environment and a supportive culture to learn and grow in the FinTech industry.