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Fraud and Compliance Case Management: What’s the Difference?

Fraud case management and compliance case management are two distinct but related aspects of a financial institution’s operations. While they share similarities in terms of process management and data tracking, they serve different purposes and focus on different areas of concern.

Here’s how they differ:

FocusInvestigation and mitigation of fraudulent activities aimed at causing financial harm (loss) to the institution or its customers.Investigation of BSA / AML activity or internal policy violations; typically, no immediate loss potential for the institution.
TrackingFinancial impact for projected, prevented, recovered, charge off amounts, etc.Trends and activities of the subject involved and a single suspicious activity amount total.
ReportingFinancial impact analysis by fraud type, source, and locations.  Case data export for detailed analytics.Case trends, examiner reports to show evidence of investigations, document why SARs are not filed.
WorkflowTask oriented cases, with pre-defined defaults and checklist style workflow.Open investigations based around stages and inclusive of SAR report pre-population and batch filing.
DetectionRelationship scanning (i.e. cross case comparison) across all cases to spot trends and relationships.  Integration with front office questionnairesIntegrated with monitoring alerts and front office questionnaire to identify cases.
CompatibilityMigrate fraud cases to compliance cases anytime, particularly if a SAR needs to be filed.Migrate compliance cases to fraud when potential loss tracking and recovery are required.
AutomationsTask setup based on case type.SAR continuation automations make it easy to follow up on your SAR filings.


Many organizations try to fit both of their case management needs into a single system, but with the SimpliRisk platform you get two distinct case management modules that are fully compatible but support the distinct needs of fraud and compliance.

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