Electronic MTL and Guest KYC for Title 31

Be our guest at a free Webinar to learn about the latest technology for:
  • Electronic MTL/MIL Tracking
  • Real Time Watch List and OFAC Scanning
  • Real Time SSN Verification
  • CTR/SAR Batch Filing
If you support Title 31 for your casino, this Webinar is for you!
Who will benefit from attending?
General Managers / Finance Leaders / Controllers / Casino Operations / Compliance Teams

Automated FinCEN Detection and Filing

Join us for a 30-minute Webinar to learn how we help streamline and automate the FinCEN detection and filing process for any depository or money service business who needs to file SARs and CTRs with FinCEN.

How to Automate BSA/AML Compliance Workflows

Join us to learn how we help institutions map their Risk Assessments, Customer Due Diligence, Enhanced Due Diligence, and Fraud to a software solution to automate the AML/BSA process.

Organizing and Managing Fraud – ACFE & IIA Members

Join us for a Webinar to see how PayLynxs’s SimpliRisk product will help organizations to manage fraud.

Come see our approach to fraud case management:
• Easy front office reporting channels
• Simple form building to customize
• Triaging potential fraud,
• Managing investigations
• Building institutional knowledge to better detect
• Reporting to authorities or internally