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AML/BSA Automation


This module is a comprehensive solution for streamlining compliance operations and reducing risk for your institution.  Say goodbye to your manual processes and meet auditor expectations with ease.

Core processor integration

We're pre-integrated with most major core processors, making implementation quick and easy

AML/BSA Automation

Monitor member transactions with straight forward, multi-variable rules that evolve as you grow

Transaction Monitoring

Fill the gaps in your transaction monitoring with automatic alerts that watch for unusual activity

case management

When an alert is triggered, keep track of all the important information to determine if you need to file a SAR

fincen batch filing

Create and file all your SAR and CTR reports directly from the SimpliRisk application

watchlist scanning

Perform individual scans, file scans, or database scans against OFAC, PEP, and other high-risk lists  Learn more

risk rating

Identify and review your riskiest guests, customers, or members using over 100 risk factors

mtl/mil tracking

Utilize the Transaction Tracking App (TTAP) to accurately track guest transactions  Learn more

fraud detection

Identify compromised accounts, elder abuse, wire fraud, ACH and IAT schemes, and more

business account monitoring

Enhanced Business Account Monitoring (EBAM) supports individual business profiles with unique monitoring rules

customer due diligence

Capture details about an individual, associate them with other individuals, and track their activity over time

marijuana related business

Build a MRB program that supports your policies, whether or not you're servicing the market

pricing for AML/BSA AuTOMATION

Flexible pricing for any size institution

We understand that some organizations need advanced product configuration, while others operate with smaller budgets. Our plans involve a one-time implementation fee with monthly dues that are based on your institution size and product configuration. Contact one of our friendly sales specialists to get a quote today!

watchlist scanning

Don't need all these features?

If you only need to scan names against OFAC, PEP, and other high-risk lists, check out or Watchlist Scanning module. Perform individual quick scans, file scans, or full database scans.

what our clients have to say

SimpliRisk provides a great balance of functionality and simplicity for small and mid-size credit unions, like us.

Mike Athens​

VP Operations
Rio Grande Credit Union

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